Seneca County to renovate court annex building

Seneca County to renovate court annex building

SENECA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Along with a brand new courthouse currently being built in Seneca County, the current building housing their courtrooms will also get a substantial renovation.

Behind the future Seneca County Joint Justice Center, the County Annex building has been home to the county common pleas courts for years.

But once those courts move into their new building, the county will renovate and re-purpose the building into the county probate and juvenile courts.

The initial estimate for renovation was around $400,000, but the final estimate is coming in at $648,000. The reason the new estimate is higher is because along with the standard renovations upgrades, the county wants to install new LED lights that will save the county money in the future. They also want to install a countywide data center for all departments on the first floor.

Renovations cannot begin until the current courts move out, but county leaders say they are excited to see that the end of this long journey to establish a full joint justice center is nearing its end.

"Before the entire facility becomes the Seneca County Joint Justice Center, and everyone is operating and done playing the shuffle of moving offices, we're going to be into summer before we're there," Seneca County commissioner Holly Stacy said.

And to update the Joint Justice Center construction project, the cupola and Lady Justice statue arrived. In a few weeks, they will be raised to the top of the structure.

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