Fremont council hears public input on proposed homeless shelter

Fremont council hears public input on proposed homeless shelter

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - A vacant building in downtown Fremont is being re-purposed into an emergency overnight shelter. But some residents are not happy about the idea of having homeless individuals or recovering addicts near their neighborhood.

The former home of Community Health Services has sat vacant for around a year.

Recently, the city  worked to establish the building as a homeless shelter. The facility will also host an outpatient drug and alcohol program.

But some neighbors who live across the street from the building  raised concerns about the people the facility would bring into their neighborhood. Some went so far to fill out a request to have city council overturn the vote at Thursday's city council meeting.

But Mayor Sanchez says the city, and its residents, are in great need of a shelter facility like this.

"Those people are not necessarily bad people. They've gotten caught up in bad situations. They may not have a place to stay," Mayor Sanchez said. "And it's not only people who suffer from drug issues. It could be folks who are going through domestic issues at home that need to get out and have a place to stay for a night or two until they can find permanent housing."

For Fremont City Council to overturn the zoning rule on the new shelter here, they would have to have a super majority vote.

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