Toledo city council provides update on home inspections

Toledo city council provides update on home inspections
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There are still 13,000 rental properties in Toledo that need to be inspected for lead exposure before the June deadline.

The city council took up the issue at a meeting Thursday.

So far, city inspectors have only looked at about 1,000 units.

The city council noted inspectors from the Department of Health are available, but it is on property owners to set up a time for inspections. The council also warned of the possible consequences from not having their units inspected.

"Now what we need to do is to reach out and to let people know what progress has been made and to have people realize that, come the end of June, who are those who have not had the inspection done," Councilman Peter Ujvagi said. "[They] are going to be in a situation and potentially be cited for that. And we would rather not cite them. We'd rather have them do the job."

Property owners have until the end of June to meet their inspection deadline.

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