A local homeless shelter is waiting for their HUD from the City of Toledo

A local homeless shelter is waiting for their HUD from the City of Toledo

. - One local homeless shelter is out around $120,000 from the City of Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods.

The past six months, Family House hasn't gotten their HUD, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, from the city.

"We just can't sustain not being paid for very much longer," said Renee Palacios, the Executive Director.

The nonprofit allows families to stay together is housing 115 people, with 65 of those being children at this time.

Bonita Bonds, the Director for the department of neighborhoods is in charge of allocating this money. She explains it is a trickle-down effect after a new administration took over in Washington, HUD dollars were delayed.

"We would normally receive our award amount in let's say April or May. We did not receive it until late October or November," said Bonds.

However, Palacios said this is more than enough time to get their contracts worked out, and hand out the cash.

"There might have been a small delay in receiving those HUD funds, but the money has been here, the money has been here for months," said Palacios.

Around 40 nonprofits organizations count on this money from the city.

On top of the delay, HUD one of its policies. Any organization using CDBG, or community development block gr ant dollars, on payroll has to provide daily activity logs. This went into effect in September of 2017.

Organizations have to break down their timesheets in 15 minute increments, essentially proving they are spending the dollars wisely.

Palacios said they haven't gotten training on the policy change, but have tried multiple times to comply.

"We have attempted three different ways, three different times to present our timesheets and they keep getting rejected," said Palacios.

Palacios said in those rejections, they've gotten no feedback on how to get this approved.

This has been going since July when their fiscal year starts, and, these funds make up more than 20 percent of their budget.

"We've come to them many times asking for help. Just let us know how you want these things and we will produce it for you, we want to be a partner. But, when you kind of shut down communication and don't really talk to us, then we are in the spot we are in today," said Palacios.

But, Bonds said that is not the case.

"We're here to help, whatever it takes, our doors are always open if anyone wants to come in and sit down and walk them through the process, we are more than willing," said Bonds.

The city gets around $6.7 million for CDBG dollars from the federal government every year.

Palacios said she reached out to the Mayor's office, and he was very responsive. She said Kapszukiewicz provided her with a way to apply for emergency funding.

Family House is not in jeopardy of being shut down currently, but Palacios said, they need this money to keep operating and serving their families moving forward.

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