UAW Local 12 plan to protest at Auto Show in Detroit

UAW Local 12 plan to protest at Auto Show in Detroit

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - UAW Local 12 in Toledo is sending their message to Fiat Chrysler to a new platform.

Hundreds plan on heading to Detroit this week for the upcoming Auto Show to demonstrate, what they call, an informal protest in response to the recent and pending layoffs of dozens of workers.

Since the labor union said FCA has refused to negotiate with its members, this next step was necessary.

The president of UAW, Bruce Baumhower, said they're not boycotting or picketing the auto show. He said they just want to make sure their message gets all the way to FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Marchionne sang the Toledo workforce's praises during the auto show in Detroit on Monday. He also said 88 fleet workers will be losing their jobs by the end of next month because  that's when the Toledo terminal will close.

The company plans to move half the fleet to Detroit and the other half to contractors and UAW isn't happy about it.

"This message is directly to Chrysler and just to tell them that us, our workers in Toledo and our community think that it's wrong that you're gonna outsource our work and not give us a chance to just sit down and negotiate with you and see if there's a way we can save it," said Baumhower.

This past Monday, 16 workers were laid off. The next two waves are set to happen February 5th, and February 28th.

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