Funding Lucas Co. Treasurer position isn't going to be easy

Funding Lucas Co. Treasurer position isn't going to be easy
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's going to cost Lucas County taxpayers more money when Lindsay Webb takes office as County Treasurer. Webb said she has a plan to make sure the county winds up breaking even.

When Lindsay Webb stepped down last week she cited an error in her credit, keeping her from getting bonded.

The bond set for the position of Treasurer isn't easy to get. It is set at $1,000,000. For two days following her swearing in, Webb was unable to find a company to even give her a quote for a bond.

It is the legal requirement in the state of Ohio to pay for the bond, no matter what the quote is.

In Lucas County, the money to pay for the bond comes from the general fund, which is also used for things like salaries of county workers.

Lucas County Commissioner, Pete Gerken explained what the general fund is typically used for.

"Most things we do is pay staff a lot of the time, so that is a budgetary consideration. But we're required to follow the law and we'll do that. The treasurer has every right now to take the office. She completed three steps. She was selected by her party, sworn in, the bond is in place and we will offer the payment we were obligated to take," said Gerken.

The money comes from the taxpayers. For previous treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz, the cost to the taxpayers was $3,400 for the four years he held the position. Lindsay Webb's bond will cost $10,000 for this year alone.

"It is my honest belief that through some of the innovative strategies that I will put together in the Lucas County Treasurer's office, that  I will probably make up the difference to County taxpayers, and even more because I bring my heart to my work, and so you'll see innovative polices that I'll be able to put through that will help meet people where they're at," said Webb.

Regardless of whether Webb is able to fulfill her promise or not, this will be a consideration when it is time to work on the budget for next year.

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