TFD adds new member to current recruitment class

TFD adds new member to current recruitment class

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The newest addition to the Toledo Fire Department's recruitment class had his first day of training this week.

Tanner Duvall was added to the 30-member class Wednesday. This came after of the original members left for personal reasons.

TFD's public information officer, Sterling Rahe, said this has happened before, but each situation is handled differently.

"It has happened in the past and again, we take it at a case by case basis so we can insert them at a time where they can not be too far behind and able to catch up," explained Rahe.

"I really just want to give back to the city of Toledo. I live in Bedford just up the road so Toledo is like a second home to me and there's nothing better than helping out your community," said Duvall .

Recruitment class 292 will move onto fire training after they finish their EMT classes.

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