TPS doing all they can to prevent flu at school

TPS doing all they can to prevent flu at school

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the flu hitting the area pretty hard this season, Toledo Public Schools is doing all they can to make sure students, faculty and staff stay healthy while at school.

TPS says it has daily contact with the health department in downtown Toledo. That is all part of their regular routine to help prevent cold and flu at school.

"The school nurses are doing surveillance," Health Services Coordinator Ann Cipriani of TPS says. "When I say surveillance, they are kind of keeping an eye on how many kids are out and would let us know, at a district level, how many kids are maybe absent and if we are seeing that uptick, of which we are not yet."

TPS says the routine also includes making sure school hallways and classrooms stay as clean as possible.

"No matter how great of a job our building operators did cleaning at night, it is what we do during the day that helps prevent the spread of flu," Cipriani said.

TPS staff encourages students to wash their hands frequently, even offering hand-washing classes for the little ones.

Shiloh Cahill is a nurse at Waite High School and says she checks students carefully for flu symptoms.

"I will do an assessment on them, check their temperature, check their vital signs, see if they do have symptoms of the cold or flu and see if they have been exposed to anybody that has had it," Cahill explained.

TPS employees say they expect to see more absences in the next couple of weeks.

"Just because everybody is coming back to school now and of course sharing and spreading those germs," Cipriani explained. 

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