BG to install new pedestrian warning device at two intersections

BG to install new pedestrian warning device at two intersections

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The city of Bowling Green will install a pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB) at two intersections on East Wooster Street.

A PHB is a warning device usually placed above an intersection. Like a traffic light, the PHB uses a lighting system to determine if a vehicle may proceed across an intersection. The lights are arranged in a upside down triangle with two red lights on the top and a single yellow light below.

The beacon will be dark unless a pedestrian wishing to cross a crosswalk presses a button. If the beacon is dark, vehicles may proceed normally.

Once a pedestrian presses the button, the yellow light will blink before turning solid yellow as a way to prepare drivers to stop.

Afterward, solid red lights will appear, telling drivers they must stop and allow pedestrians to cross the street. Once the red lights begin to blink, motorists may proceed if the crosswalk is clear.

Once the sequence is over, the light will return to dark and drivers may proceed as normal. The entire sequence lasts about 30 seconds.

The construction of the PHBs began after ODOT conducted a pedestrian traffic study at East Wooster Street that determined the city needed four additional crosswalks.

The city installed the new PHBs at across Founders Hall and at the Stroh Center.

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