Money Talks News: Apps can help make filing your taxes easier

Money Talks News: Apps can help make filing your taxes easier

Getting organized to do your income taxes can be overwhelming but there is plenty of technology, such as apps, that can help and most are free.

Apps assisting with your taxes get better every year.

Every major tax prep service has apps that allow you to file on your phone and there are also apps to help you get organized and keep track of deductible expenses.

Apps like "Shoeboxed" or "Expense IQ" allow you to sort out receipts and expenses. Each has a way to scan receipts, archive and classify them for use later.

You can track mileage with an app such as "Mile I-Q and MileBug," which automatically record every car trip you take so you can claim deductible mileage.

Additionally, you can keep track of your donations with "ItsDeductible" and "iDonatedit." These apps allow you to take pictures of what you donated, records when and where you donated it and even calculates the value.

However, unless you have already been using these organizational apps, they will not help with the taxes you are doing now for 2017.

There are, however, are a couple that might.

Nearly every major tax prep company has filing apps that allow you to file simple returns from your phone. You can also ask for an extension by filing a 4868 from the IRS Free File site.

The IRS also has a free app to answer questions and keep tabs on your return called "IRS2Go."

Overall, apps like these can really make your life a lot easier around tax time, so you may want to do some research on them.

For more tips on your taxes and an additional list of popular apps, go to the Money Talks News website and search for "Tax Hacks 2018."

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