Sen. Brown, Commissioner Zgodzinski discuss flu outbreak during conference call

Sen. Brown, Commissioner Zgodzinski discuss flu outbreak during conference call

WASHINGTON D.C. (WTOL) - Senator Sherrod Brown joined Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski Wednesday to discuss how people should protect themselves from the flu.

The Ohio Department of Health says 3,854 people have been hospitalized after being infected with the flu. Two children, including one in Lucas County, have died from flu-related complications.

Sen. Brown's office reported Lucas County has been hit especially hard with the flu with four deaths, including three adults and one child, being linked to the flu.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department later confirmed a fourth adult in Lucas County died from flu-related symptoms.

"We want to make sure Ohio families know how to protect themselves and stay healthy," Sen. Brown said. "That starts with getting the flu shot."

Senator Brown urged Ohio residents to take several steps in preventing the spread of the virus.

First, Sen Brown urged everyone over the age of six months to get a flu vaccine. Sen. Brown's office provided a link to help people find where they can get a vaccine.

Sen. Brown also encouraged residents to take basic measures to stop the spread of germs including washing hands, covering coughs and disinfecting contaminated surfaces.

Finally, the senator also urged anyone who may have the flu to seek treatment from a doctor and stay home from school or work. 

"Flu can be an issue for several more months," Commissioner Zgodzinski said. "I urge Ohioans to take precautions in order to keep you and your family well. These include: getting the flu shot (it is not too late), washing your hands, getting adequate rest, staying away from sick individuals, and stay home if you are sick, just to name a few.  As always seek medical advice with questions or if you are ill."

Senator Brown's office encourages residents to seek information from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health on how to keep their families safe from the flu.

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