"Treasurer-in-waiting" Lindsay Webb ready to take over position

"Treasurer-in-waiting" Lindsay Webb ready to take over position

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Lindsay Webb is nothing short of ecstatic after finding out she is in fact eligible to become Lucas County's next treasurer, calling herself the "treasurer-in-waiting."

Webb thought she didn't have a chance of becoming treasurer after finding out last week that an issue with her credit score would prevent her from taking the position.

Lucas County Commissioners told Webb the county couldn't bond her due to a poor personal credit score.

Since then, Webb was approved for two separate bonds, giving her a second chance at becoming the treasurer.

The bonds will cost tax payers a little more with Webb as treasurer than they did when Wade Kapszukiewicz had the job, but Webb promises she will make up for that money.

Webb says her entire life is dedicated to public life and she will be a compassionate treasurer.

Webb will not have to be sworn in again and can take up her post in the next day or two.

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