Fireball Meteor Lights Up The Sky!

Fireball Meteor Lights Up The Sky!

An incredible sight last evening -- A Fireball Meteor streaked across the night sky! Just after 8 PM the USGS confirmed that a Fireball Meteor entered the earth's atmosphere.  This created a tremendous flash of light in the night sky, similar to that of what a bright lightning flash would look like. The American Meteor Society reports this meteor likely entered the earth's atmosphere at 28,000 mph!

VIDEO (Source: Zack Lawler, WWMT):

Latest details from Astronomer Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office is putting this 'space rock' into perspective. Cooke estimates this asteroid sizing at 1 - 2 yards in diameter as it made contact with our atmosphere.

Once or twice a month, meteoroids similar to this size enter somewhere along the earth's atmosphere. One this bright is said to be rare, according to Bill, especially for the Michigan and Ohio area. 

The USGS also confirms that this exploding meteor over Michigan registered as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake!

Reports of the sonic boom were felt over 90 miles away, including right here in the Toledo Metro!

The American Meteor Society says there are "likely" meteorites on the ground as a result of this explosion.  Typically, these meteors burn up in the earth's atmosphere, however in this case, smaller pieces or meteorites likely made it to the earth's surface. The meteors relatively 'larger' size allowed this bolide to break apart in our atmosphere and break into much smaller pieces.

This Fireball Meteor was visible in over 7 states and across Ontario Canada.

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers