Flight redirected to Toledo Express Airport after fire false alarm

Flight redirected to Toledo Express Airport after fire false alarm

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Firefighters have been dispatched to the Toledo Express Airport Wednesday morning.

Crews were called to the airport after American Flight 3434 to Chicago was redirected back to the airport.

Airport personnel say a light went off in the cockpit signaling a fire on the tail-end of the plane.

Port Authority and the Air National Guard inspected the plane, but found no flames.

As a safety precaution, passengers were deboarded from the plane and are waiting to get back on. No one was injured.

"It's not a common occurrence. One of the great things about aviation is it's a very safe mode of transportation. So when we have an event happen like this, there's a lot of precautionary steps in place like what the pilots did today, with the fire crews and Air National Guards responding, just to make sure everything for the aircraft and most importantly for the passengers safety," said Joe Rotterdam, manager of Airport Operations and Airline Affairs for Toledo Express.

Airport personnel say the flight was over Fort Wayne when it had to turn around. The flight is scheduled to take off from Toledo around 8:30 a.m. with a landing time of 8:12 a.m. in Chicago.

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