UAW local 12 not backing down against FCA layoffs

UAW local 12 not backing down against FCA layoffs

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fiat Chrysler company is axing around 88 U.A.W. workers and union is not backing down.

U.A.W represents those 88, drivers, dispatchers and mechanics who, Fiat-Chrysler or F-C-A says will be losing their jobs by the end of next month.

That's when FCA will close the Toledo terminal on Hagman Road.

"We've had two meetings with them in the last month and they've refused to uh to change their mind or even let us discuss it," said Bruce Baumhower, President of UAW Local 12 in Toledo.

Drivers from the terminal pick up car parts from around the region and deliver them to Jeep workers in Toledo.The layoffs are expected to happen in waves.

"They've decided they're moving the fleet out and into Detroit, half of it, and the other half will go to contractors," said Baumhower.

On Monday, 16 workers were laid off.

"Yesterday was a paid holiday where we didn't have to work. They asked us to come in and build jeeps for them so we did and when we got there they laid off 16 of these drivers," said Baumhower.

This triggered U-A-W Local 12 and fleet members to hold a press conference Monday, speaking out against FCA's swift actions. U.A.W handed out several hundred t-shirts during the protest that said "Keep the Fleet."

In a statement, FCA said it has been in discussions with UAW for more than two years, adding that it will continue to work with the union to find placement opportunities for any impacted employees.

"You heard me sing praises of the Toledo workforce ad nasaeum. I don't know how to thank them," said FCA's current CEO Sergio Marchionneon Monday.

"Sergio's remarks at the auto show yesterday were very kind, but that's not what they're showing on the shop floor," said Baumhower.

The next wave of layoffs is set to happen February 5th, with the final cut on February 28th.

"We have a little bit of time to stop this and we're going to do everything we can to change their mind," added Baumhower

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