Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge - January Challenge

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge - January Challenge
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DUNDEE, MI (WTOL) - Splash Universe was the course for the January Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.

There are almost 100 challengers that made it through the January weigh in and almost all of them put their bathing suits on to run through the Splash Universe Obstacle Course.

Host Kelly Heidbreder started the race at the jungle gym where they had to run through the child's course without slipping. The big bucket of water loomed overhead and most of them came out of the beginning of the course soaked.

Next, they ran across the main deck to the lazy river where they had to walk against the current around the entire route. This took endurance to pull more than your weight around that water track.

Once they made it back to the beginning steps of the lazy river, they jumped out and had to walk across the lily pads. There was a rope ladder above the floating pads. Each challenger used their upper body strength to cross the pads without falling. If they fell in, they had one minute added to their time.

After they made it across the lily pads, most challengers were exhausted. But they had one more part of the course. They had to run up three flights of stairs to the top of the slide, grab a tube and slide down to the pond below. Time stopped once they flew out of the tube and hit the water.

Splash Universe Challenge winner is Brad Arps with a time of 2:40 seconds.

Below are the top eight finishers:

  • 2nd: Marcus Thomas 3:07
  • 3rd: Pat Peiffer 3:10
  • 4th: Carrie Soellner 3:21
  • 5th: Ted Rousos 4:11
  • 6th: Sue Hagen 4:15
  • 7th: Rachelle Donelly 4:22
  • 8th: Ruth Hughes 4:49

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