Aviation expert explains flying in winter weather

Aviation expert explains flying in winter weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a helicopter crashed and killed two people in Wood County on Monday, several were wondering if weather was a cause of the accident.

While the cause of the crash is being investigated, some in the aviation world believe it wouldn't have a significant impact.

Despite Monday's scattered snow, an aerospace instructor said the weather wouldn't have raised any red flags for flying.

Brad McDonald, an instructor at Toledo Public School's Aerospace Center said the winds were minimal, but ultimately the pilot command always has the final say.

"Today's weather really isn't that far out of the norm," said McDonald, "Visibility could have been a little bit low, but depending on the rating of the pilots whether they're instrument rated versus visual flight ruled the weather is usually not much of an issue."

McDonald said pilots with an endorsement to fly a helicopter have undergone intense training and normally have extensive experience. He said not only are pilots extremely qualified for these jobs, but the industry is highly regulated for safety.

"Any aircraft incident usually promotes an investigation basically because the industry is so well regulated and there is so many safety factors in place that accidents are very rare," explained McDonald.

McDonald said the aviation industry is a tight-knit community and he is confident the National Transportation Safety Board will handle the investigation with care.

"The NTSB is very professional in what they do and they are going to have a methodical procedure that they are going to adhere to and we'll just wait and see what they have to say," said McDonald.

The NTSB is expected to arrive at the scene of the crash on Bradner Road Tuesday, while the Wood County Sheriff's Office will monitor the scene until that time.

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