Snow drifts in more rural townships cause trouble for days

Snow drifts in more rural townships cause trouble for days

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fortunately, the MLK Jr. Holiday was already a day off for many. With the snowing coming down and blowing all around, local municipalities didn't have to decide whether or not to stay open.

However, Tuesday morning, the difficult decision to close or not might be a tough call in some places where the snow blows around into drifts.

Washington Township in Wood County had some roadways that were heavily covered in snowy.

In the more rural parts of northwest Ohio, the manpower to clear the snow is significantly less than what the counties or ODOT has to offer. Crews must do the best they can, which often means only passing over roads just once per day with their plows.

Some roads are never a problem, but depending on the direction of the wind and the level of the road, certain roads are treacherous.

Todd Buehrer, the Road Superintendent of Washington Township explained how he and his trustees deal with one snowfall that may blow back and forth causing extra work for days.

"I like to get out and plow the snow as quick as I can, but just because of the fact you're only going to be able to make one round, wait until most of it's down. It's winter in Ohio, people just need to learn to slow down and they'll get to where they're going," said Buehrer. "We'll get the roads cleared off. We don't have the budget that some other people have to be able to put copious amounts of salt down."

They don't use brine or liquid saline at all. If they use anything other than just the plows, it is something called "ice control" which is a three-part stone mixture. It contains one part salt that helps stretch out the expensive salt product.

In Washington Township they still go through about 40 tons of salt alone per year. The trouble with salting the roadway is it attracts moisture and causes the drier snow to stick to the road rather than blow over.

Not too many drivers were out on Monday, but those who were, made sure to drive cautiously.

Matt Hafner spent most of the morning out and about in Maumee.

"With four-wheel drive, I don't worry about it too much, but the main roads are relatively clean, some of the side roads are a little bit slick," explained Hafner.

Some are speculating that there may just be another day off of school Tuesday, or at least a delay or two.

Part of the deciding factor is not only based on how many roads are dealing with dangerous snow drifts, but also the safety of those students who drive themselves and and their classmates into those schools.

An up-to-the-minute list of closings is always available on WTOL 11's homepage.

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