Nate Washington was keynote speaker at Tiffin University's MLK Celebration

Nate Washington was keynote speaker at Tiffin University's MLK Celebration

. - Toledo native and two-time Superbowl champion, Nate Washington, returned to his alma mater, Tiffin University, to help the surrounding community celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In front of hundreds in attendance, Tiffin University alumni Nate Washington gave his keynote address for the college's Martin Luther King celebration.

His message was on the process of a dream, and how to keep on track of your goals through encouragement and inspiration.

"What Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to entrust in us, in the future generation that was to come after him. Being persistent, focused and determined to make those dreams come true." said Washington.

TU sophomore Harmony Bennett, who was on the MLK celebration board, said as a college student, she has learned to appreciate the work of Dr. King even more now that she's in college. And she now has a deeper understanding of how college is usually the first step in understanding different cultures.

"Being on a college campus is a new experience to learn about somebody other than yourself, and especially coming from a different part of the world. So, it's kind of amazing," said Bennett.

Nate hopes his message can inspire people to focus on impacting those immediately around us daily as a tool to help improve our overall regional and national culture.

"I think we kind of get caught up in the perception of reaching he masses, when we can inspire the person right next to us. It could definitely change someone's life," said Washington. "It can make someone believe in them self a little more, it can make someone forget about their worries and put everything aside and understand that tomorrow will come."

Nate plans on continuing his work with his 85th foundation, and has upcoming events planned in Toledo.

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