City preparing for Monday's snow

City preparing for Monday's snow

The mild weather on Sunday allowed City of Toledo employees a jump on Monday's expected snowfall.

Crews were able to haul salt, perform maintenance on equipment and patch a number of potholes that have opened up.

According to the city, if the snow totals amount to less than 3 inches the city will work on treating and plowing phase 1, 2 and 3 routes first and will then move on to plowing residential routes.

If more than 3 inches falls the city may call in additional plows from sister divisions and private contractors for residential streets while Streets, Bridges and Harbor crews concentrate on main roads.

The city uses a 4 part designation system to describe roads:

  • Phase I – All streets with traffic counts greater than 7500 vehicles per day including hospitals, fire stations, and the downtown TARTA bus loop.
  • Phase II – All streets with greater than 2500 vehicles but less than 7500 vehicles including TARTA bus routes.
  • Phase III – Streets with less than 2500 vehicles per day but which serve as feeder lines to main arteries, streets adjacent to schools, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, major commercial and industrial areas and other places of high people concentration, school bus routes and known hazardous areas.
  • Phase IV – All residential streets

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