Churches worship together to honor the memory of MLK

Churches worship together to honor the memory of MLK

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Monday is the national holiday marking the birthday of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King.

Two churches joined forces Sunday to put their faith into action and honor the dream of Dr. King.

They did it by worshiping together.

Members of the First Presbyterian Church and Search-Lite Community Church in Maumee worship every week in the same building.

They just don't do it jointly.

One major change has been made since the service began four years ago.

Other churches are invited to attend.

The goal is to share fellowship and remember what Dr. King stood for: welcoming racial harmony and diversity.

"And that one church that spans all sorts of different colors and creeds and it's important to promote that friendship," said Rev. Clint Tolbert of First Presbyterian Church.

But it hasn't been easy lately.

President Trump allegedly made some vulgar remarks aimed at Haiti and African nations.

People like Cynthia Gordon-Robinson says she'll react the way Dr. King would.

"I pray for Mr. Trump. That's what I do. Because he needs the Lord. We all need the Lord. You don't hurt people if you're a Christian," said Gordon-Robinson.

Rev. Lee Williams of Search-Lite Community Church is more blunt, believing Mr. Trump is a racist.

He says the president needs to be more concentrated on what he can do for others rather than what he can do for himself.

"Growth, humility and extreme grace to others is something he needs to do. Where we're at now I'm not happy with that," said Rev. Williams.

But one thing people at the service say would make Dr. King happy: seeing blacks and whites worshiping together in peace.

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