Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: January 14, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - He is one of the quiet members of city government, yet his colleagues on city council just gave him a big voice by voting him president of their body.

The last time Matt Cherry was with WTOL 11, he was speaking of his current experience of coaching baseball at Heatherdowns Park.

Jerry digs to find out what it is about Cherry's new position that interests him.

The voice of Harvey Steele's woke up thousands every morning, and now is silenced since he his passing. But Steele's message however is just as loud as it was before. thanks in large part to his daughter, Kara Steele.

Kara is also director of community services for Life Connection of Ohio. She speaks about Steele's legacy and how the family is coping their loss.

And finally, the message is pretty straight-forward.  Toledo and Lucas County stands for "peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all". Tough to argue that but that will be the message when the YWCA "I rise unity march" steps off this Thursday, which it's proximity to *inauguration day* is not an accident.

Lisa McDuffie is the president and CEO of the YWCA of northwest Ohio explains the meaning and motivation behind this march.

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