ODOT out in full force to keep drivers safe during winter storm

ODOT out in full force to keep drivers safe during winter storm

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Ohio Department of Transportation crews have been working extra since 4 a.m. to keep the roads as safe as they can be for drivers.

ODOT highway technicians have been working 12-hour shifts to deal with the winter storm. Their garage sat empty Friday night because all of their crews were out plowing and spreading a bit of salt.

During their shift, drivers can cover close to 250 miles of road and normally have to refill their salt supply three times a night. Their trucks hold about nine tons of salt and also store a brine mix too.

"Normally when we're plowing snow we try to stay around 30-35 mph," said Gary Sears, an ODOT highway technician. "Checking our mirrors and all the time, putting down our salt."

Crews out on the road Friday say the timing of this storm brought a lot of traffic and even saw cars not driving for the conditions, ending up off the road.

They asked motorists to slow down and move over for their plows so they can adequately clear the roads for your safety.

ODOT says every weather event is different, but the difficult thing with Friday's storm wasn't the falling snow, but the blowing snow.

"A lot of times it will drift almost two or three feet tall so I mean that, now you're talking some pretty deep snow that people are trying to drive through," said Sears. "So we got to push it off the road and keep the roads clear for the motoring public."

Crews say they are also concerned with the low temperatures overnight and the re-freeze that will happen as a result of the wet roads. That's why they will continues running around the clock to clear the roadways for you and your family's safety.

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