Treasurer's office carries on despite new treasurer stepping down

Treasurer's office carries on despite new treasurer stepping down

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was surprising news when former Toledo City Council member Lindsay Webb, who was just sworn in as the Lucas County Treasurer, suddenly resigned on Friday morning.

In a statement, Ms. Webb says there was a problem with her credit score, which affected the county's ability to bond her.

Naturally, the question is: What happens to the work they do at the treasurer's office.?

The Lucas County Treasurer's Office is still up and running. Those who work there say the political uncertainty has very little impact on the day to day functions.

You do still have to pay your taxes. If you are having trouble paying your taxes, give them a call, they are there to help.

"This office has seen a number of treasurers come and go in the last 20 years," Acting Treasurer of Lucas County, Mark Austin said. "The staff is professional. They know their jobs. They are very dedicated, and they are used to change and upheaval and disturbance and everything else that, and bad weather like today. But they are going to continue to do their jobs professionally."

With the upcoming tax season, this office is too busy to worry about what comes next as far as new leadership. Due to the fact that this is only an administrative change, they also want to let people know that it isn't slowing them down.

The Lucas County Office of Treasury and Taxation is still working at full speed and capacity regardless of what happens politically.

"The resolution says until such time when a treasurer can be appointed, be administers in oath, and be issued a bond," Austin said. "So, it could be days, could be weeks. But whatever. We'll function."

Webb was appointed to this position by The Lucas County Democratic party. Their downtown headquarters was closed Friday and no one there could be reached for comment.

WTOL 11 reached out to the city council to see if Lindsay Webb could resume her position as District 6's representative. Due to the winter weather and workers out of the office today, no one was able to provide that answer.

Lindsay Webb now says she has no plans to return to her council seat and is going to take time to focus on her personal life.

We will continue to update you as we receive more information.

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