Driving in ice and snow can be tricky, AAA helps you get ready

Driving in ice and snow can be tricky, AAA helps you get ready

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Our First Alert meteorologists have been getting you ready for Friday's winter weather for more than a week, but will you be ready to hit the roads in the case of ice?

AAA suggests you prepare for the icy conditions before you leave to stay the safe as the weather moves in our area.

You don't want to be in this situation, in need of a tow or roadside assistance because of the forecasted rain, ice and snow. AAA says driving in these conditions can be dangerous because of the lack of traction.

"Ice is going to be consistent," said Andrew Nye, a supervisor at AAA. "It's going to not let you do anything and it's a lot easier to slip on ice than generally it is on snow. They both are, in my eyes, equally as dangerous."

They suggest you prepare for the weather before you head out. That means you should have more than a half tank of gas, your tire pressure should be good and you should have an emergency kit in your car. But behind the wheel on the road, it's all about safety.

"The biggest thing is take it slow that's the biggest thing you know," explained Nye. "You can cut your speed back a little bit maybe five maybe ten miles an hour that way your reaction times a little bit better that way if you do start slipping you want to always or what I was always taught to do turn into the slide that way you kind of counteract anything."

They suggest you break softly and pump the brakes if needed, you shouldn't use cruise control when driving on ice and snow, always wear your seat belt and focus on the road, especially if there's black ice.

Road assistants ask that if you do see a car or workers off to the side of the road that you slow down and move over.

Andrew says he has been hit seven times by cars flying past him as he was working with customers.

"One time I was helping somebody in their driveway and I came around my truck and I caught a mirror to the ribs," said Nye.

At AAA, they say this time of year is very busy for them and the number of services they are called to increases dramatically.

With weather events like we are expecting Friday, they will bring in extra crews to handle any needs drivers might have through the ice and snow.

"We run 24/7 and we are only a phone call away," said Andrew Nye.

Experts say it's all about your safety, so if you don't feel comfortable driving in tomorrow's predicted ice and snow then you should stay off the roads.

But the name of the game for those of you who do go out and about, slow down, give yourself room and be vigilant.

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