Republican gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor introduces running mate

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor introduces running mate

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Republican Mary Taylor has served as Ohio's Lt. Governor for eight years under current governor John Kasich.

Now, she it running for the governor position.

Thursday night, Taylor visited Perrysburg for a meet and greet to introduce her running mate, Cincinnati businessman Nathan Estruth, who she named on Wednesday.

Taylor says she was impressed with his business background at Proctor and Gamble. She believes his lack of political experience will not affect his ability to serve.

"We need new ideas," Taylor said. "We need new innovative solutions and Nathan will help bring that to this ticket."

"I've spent 27 years being innovative and using technologies and cultures and teams to grow new businesses," Estruth added.

Taylor says the Estruth choice is a way of differentiating her from leading Republican gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Mike DeWine and his running mate Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Their team leads in both fundraising and name recognition.

"We've put the stake in the ground," Taylor said. "We are the conservative outsider candidates as opposed to our opponents who truly represent the establishment career political ticket."

"As we focus on making government smaller and smarter, we get out of the way so that companies can take advantage of the tax reform that has now occurred and create more jobs for their businesses," Estruth said. "That's better for the people of Ohio."

Ohio's primary is in May. The winning ticket advances to the November General Election.

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