Leaf collection is top priority for city crews during warmer temps

Leaf collection is top priority for city crews during warmer temps

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - City workers are using any chance they can get to clear up road hazards while the weather is warm.

It is a good opportunity to play catch up after having the leaves fall later in the season this year set them back a bit. Crews started early Thursday, maximizing the daylight and working as best they could before the snow covers it all up again.

"This morning they started at 7 o'clock," Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbor said. "First thing they did was check out all their leaf equipment to make sure that they were ready to go, got their supplies, and then they headed straight out here."

As soon as it starts to get dark and the evening rush hour dominates the roads, crews have to be out of the way.

That gives them a small window of time this evening to change over the equipment on the trucks that serve as leaf trucks Thursday, but will be on snow duty Friday.

Residents are thrilled to see city workers back in their neighborhoods for a second go around of leaf collection.

City resident Marne Miller was out ahead of crews raking leaves from his lawn as well as his daughter's lawn into the street for collection.

"Four days after the first one I'd say, a third to a half the leaves were on the ground," Miller said. "They estimated 98 percent were still on the trees so they go almost nothing, but they got done in a hurry."

If you are still waiting on the second go around of leaf removal in your zip code, crews are working on getting to you as soon as they can.

When they come, be sure to put your trash and recycling bins closer to your home behind where the leaves need to be collected.

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