Protecting yourself from the spread of the flu at work, what you need to know

Protecting yourself from the spread of the flu at work, what you need to know

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Many of us can spend up to 40 hours a week or more at work. This means spending a lot of time with our colleagues and also using a lot of common spaces.

The Toledo Lucas County Health Commissioner, Eric Zgodsinski, stopped by the WTOL 11 newsroom to show the best ways to prevent spreading the flu at work.

The first stop was the newsroom food table.

"You've got a cover that's good," Zgodzinski said. "A lot of things can happen, people can cough. I mean they sneeze. A sneeze can travel 17 feet at 100 mph. It can go out from you pretty far."

Next stop, properly cleaning shared work spaces.

"Again, I would use disinfecting wipes," Zgodzinski explained. "But you should be cleaning periodically between uses. Keyboards maybe three times a day depending on how many people use that."

The newsroom coffee pot and Keurig sees a lot of love. But it needs to be cleaned as well.

"Let's face it. In an office coffee is a savior," Zgodzinski said. "But people are going to be picking it up pouring it. You're definitely going to be having hand contact here."

Wiping down these shared items at least once a day is a must.

Making sure the cleaning crew wipes down the bathroom doors is just as important as washing our hands often and not touching our faces.

"Because everybody does this all the time," said Zgodzinski. "So you do have to take precautions all the time and use the handwashing facility as much as you can."

The health commissioner says the number one way to protect yourself against the flu is by getting your flu vaccine. The Health Department offers flu shots as well as local pharmacies. You can also visit your primary care physician or your child's pediatrician for the shot.

Zgodzinski also stressed if you are sick, stay home. It's never a good idea to go to work sick.

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