City pothole crew utilizing warm weather

City pothole crew utilizing warm weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - City crews are out in full force fixing potholes since the snow started to melt this week.

Toledo residents reported dozens of potholes already this year.

Crews worked on patching up a pothole at Collingwood and Vance as well as on the Anthony Wayne Trail at City Park Thursday.

"Actually in City Works this time of year we normally see, like, a hundred or more," Jeremy Mikolajczyk of Toledo Streets, Bridges and Harbor said. "We are about at 93 on complaints but the crews that we have today should be able to hammer out quite a few."

The city pothole crew has been assigned to fill deep potholes deemed as emergencies as well as smaller potholes that are close by.

Crews say they are testing out a new mixture this year that costs a little less and is supposed to last longer in the wet weather.

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