Family practice offices flooded with flu patients

Family practice offices flooded with flu patients

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Wheezing and sneezing patients bitten by the flu bug are flooding Toledo area family practice offices.

When it ends is anybody's guess.

Dr. Matt Rennels says the flu season began in December and took off with the new year.

"Usually it trails off," Dr. Rennels explained. "I bet we'll have a couple weeks here of a lot of busy time in and out of the hospital. Then it trails off. Depends on what the season holds for us too. A lot of it is unpredictable."

Dr. Rennels also says that the outbreak of people spending more time together inside because of the cold weather can also be to blame.

Holiday travel was also a factor as it brought family and friends together, some of them sick and some of them spreading the flu virus.

Dr. Rennels says the best ways to stay healthy are to eat right, dress right, stay active and thoroughly wash your hands.

If those suggestions do not help, Dr. Rennels says to seek a professional's opinion.

"I think the thing I recommend to patients is talk to their primary care physicians and get a recommendation," Dr. Rennels added. "Use urgent care. If that's not a good resource then a hospital is absolutely necessary."

Dr. Rennels also reminds people it is never too late to get a flu shot.

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