Ohio authorities unsure where man posing as resource officer picked up children

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An Akron man has been charged with impersonating a resource officer and handcuffing kids.

Christopher Hendon, 26, is now in jail.

Chrissy Johnson, a mom of three, said she's speechless to hear about Hendon.

"Sickening, just disgusting," Johnson said.

According to the Summit County Sheriff's Department, Hendon bought police equipment off the internet, and used that equipment -- along with an altered badge -- to tell kids he was running a program called "Scared Straight."

"We are trying to identify the children and how he got temporary custody of the children," said Summit County Sheriff Inspector Bill Holland.

Hendon does have a CCW permit, but is not a certified peace officer in Ohio.

"That's scary," said Teresa Workman, a mother to nine.

She hopes her kids would have told her if a strange man approached them.

"My kids would have said something. They tell me everything," Workman said.

The Sheriff's Department doesn't know where Hendon picked up the kids. Akron Public School District Superintendent David James released a statement to parents:

"You may see or hear a story in the news today about a man under arrest for impersonating a law enforcement officer convincing youngsters to accompany him.
Akron Public Schools is investigating conflicting information about this man and any personal interaction he may have had in and around our schools.
Right now we are working closely with law enforcement to assist in their investigation. If you have any information about this man, please contact Akron police.
At Akron Public Schools, our most important mission every day is to protect our students as we educate them."

Those who know any kids who participated in Hendon's "Scared Straight" program are asked to call the Summit County Sheriff's Department.

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