ODOT prepares for weekend winter storm

(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - ODOT said the quick round of freezing rain that came through the area Wednesday morning was a little taste of things to come for drivers in the area Friday.

ODOT crews were working since 4 a.m. Wednesday dealing with accidents and preparing for preparing for the weekend's storm.

While the air temperature has been above freezing for the last few days, Rebecca Dangelo with ODOT District 2 said the pavement temperatures are still around 20 to 30 degrees. That means that any precipitation that falls will freeze.

The forecast for Friday is predicting rain first. Crews will not be able to lay down brine in advance.

"So that does prevent a lot of our pre-treatment and we can't lay the liquid deicer down or it will get washed away. but, we will have crews out patrolling, they will be treating the roads as the storm is coming. They will be doing salting and the liquid de-icer," said Dangelo.

Once the rain transitions to snow, ODOT crews will have their full staff on hand, and will work non-stop until the state roads are fully cleared.

"Pretty much every state and federal route is going to have a truck on it. If we get a lot of snow very quickly, we do switch and have priority routes. So the interstates and the interstate lookalikes, those are the priorities based on traffic volumes," said Dangleo.

ODOT adds that the company is still looking for some seasonal and even a few full time CDL drivers to man their snow plows.

Anyone interested in signing up won't be able to help during this weekend storm, but since a long winter is expected this year, ODOT says they could use the help.

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