Tow Truck companies prepare for busy season due to weather

Tow Truck companies prepare for busy season due to weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There were a lot of crashes during Wednesday morning's commute and a lot of flashing lights out there helping to clear the roads.

The warm up has been a welcome vacation for all of us from the subzero temps we've been facing so far in 2018. However, the trouble with hovering around the freezing mark, is that it can make roads icy, slick and dangerous.

That means it's the busy season for certain professions, like those in the towing industry.

"A normal day is pretty steady, and this is, times it by three. The guys are running their butts off, running call to call to call. People are having to wait a little longer," said  Joe Bissell, the Towing & Transportation Manager, pf Abco Services,

Usually, if drivers who find themselves in a situation where a tow truck is involved, they're having a bad day.

But it is important to remember that tow truck companies want to solve a driver's problem and they want to do it as quickly and efficiently as they can. Most importantly, they want to avoid creating any more hazardous of a situation that may lead to further disaster.

"We're prioritizing. If you're alongside the road, we're trying to get those people handled before someone whose car won't start at their home," explained Bissell. "Just because of the safety issues. Just being this cold out we don't need anybody freezing or getting sick waiting on us."

They're happy to assist, no matter the size of a vehicle, or the size of the problem, even if it's just a matter of a dead battery.

Company rates are set whether the temperature is 8 degrees or 80 and they're not charging any more to get someone out of trouble.

"The weather's bad. Slow down. Stay off your phone. And pay attention to what's going on around you," warns Bissell. 

To get in touch with the professionals at Abco Services, call them at 419-536-6123 or visit here.

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