15-year-old cold case to take over TPD social media for a day

15-year-old cold case to take over TPD social media for a day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A 15-year-old cold case will be featured on Toledo police social media to bring attention to the unsolved homicide.

Police say the cold case of Cathy McCune will take over all TPD social media accounts on January 16.

TPD's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will suspend regular daily content and focus solely on the cold case the entire day.

Police picked January 16 because that is the day McCune was shot outside the business she and her husband owned in 2003. Police say following the homicide, investigative leads stalled and the case went cold.

"The Toledo Police Department continues to seek justice for all homicide victims and their families. The Cold Case Unit has had significant success over the years in solving past homicides and I am proud of their work. We need the assistance of the public in solving crime, and it is my hope that the extra attention to cold cases may generate leads for investigators," said TPD chief George Kral.

McCune's family members are also scheduled to meet with Cold Case detectives to discuss the case.

Anyone with information regarding the death of Cathy McCune should call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. Those with information may be eligible for a reward.

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