Everyone is prepping for upcoming winter storm

Area residents are gearing up for the winter storm heading our way.

After the freezing temperatures and snow from this past week, people are getting prepared for the next snow storm.

Allen Morgan is leaving town for the weekend on a ice fishing trip. Before he left, he made sure his fiance and four-year-old twins were prepared for the weather.

"We had some frozen pipes and what-not last week, but we got all of that stuff situated," Morgan explained. "We got water stocked up so she's got enough food in the house for her and the animals. We have goats, dogs, chickens, you know, all sorts of stuff down there, so just making sure that everybody's got everything they need to get through. They have enough food, and water in case she gets stuck in the house."

Gary Andrews, a truck driver, is concerned the snow will interfere with his schedule.

"Well, naturally it's mostly about traffic," Andrews said. "You're going to have to slow down, that's automatic, and then the big delays come when there's wrecks."

Other truck drivers said they hope they can get their load out of town in time this week before the storm hits.

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