Mayor meets with city council

Mayor meets with city council

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the new year, Toledo has a new Mayor, new city council president, and two new council members.

Tuesday night, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz spoke at agenda review, about how his plans moving forward.

"It is important to me that we have a strong relationship with city council and that we work together," said Kapszukiewicz.

In the past, the relationship between council and the 22nd floor, hasn't been great, Kapszukiewicz admitted.

The mayor is making sure they know his door is always open and it was appreciated by council. Some members said it is refreshing.

"The one thing that I've recognized about you is that you are very inclusive and down to earth," said Gary Johnson, new council member to Kapszukiewicz.

This all happened during District councilman Matt Cherry's first agenda review as president.

"It's a two-way street and I think everyone up here recognizes. I think what he did today moved mountains for the city, at least for city council," said Cherry.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz said it's important for them to work on how they are spending taxpayer dollars, making sure nothing is a surprise when the budget is released in November.

"The budget is not supposed to be a secret document. It should be a document that is created together," said Kapszukiewicz.

"City council has been a little bit dysfunctional over the years and we feel like there is a new beginning on the 21st floor," said Cherry.

New council members Nick Komives and Gary Johnson are both join Cherry in his excitement.

"As somebody that is new, I am extremely encouraged because I seriously believe we have to have different ideas. I think we have different perspectives, but we need to have one goal," said Johnson.

"There are a lot of moving parts to it so I am in week two and I will continue to learn as much as I possibly can. I am excited that the mayor has invited members of council to be a part of the process of the budget," said Komives.

City council has until the end of March to pass the 2018 budget.

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