Preparing for potholes

Preparing for potholes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The fluctuating temperatures mean one thing for sure for Toledo's roadways and that's potholes.

With the spring-like warm up in the weather, City of Toledo employees are not wasting any valuable warm weather time.

Since temperatures are back above freezing, crews are back to working on pothole patrol and leaf collection. The city pothole crew has been assigned to fill deep potholes, deemed as emergencies, as well as smaller potholes that are close by.

Crews are testing out a new mixture this year that costs a little less and is supposed to last longer in the wet weather. If it works, it will save taxpayer money.

So far this winter, it's held up well. Some of the patches are not meant to be permanent fixes. Crews are tracking what they have fixed and will go back once the snow is done to fully repair bumps in the road. This is all a part of how the city develops their milling outline project for the Spring months.

"We're going to try to do as many potholes as we can, but our big focus this week, we're going to try and get up as many leaves as we can before the next storm comes in," said  Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Commissioner of Streets, Bridges, and Harbors for the City of Toledo.

The same trucks that plow snow, pick up leaves and are currently being used around the clock.

"We will not get the leaves done this week. Right now it's still a little cold for us to get our vacuums out, and our vacuums go on the unimproved streets and they freeze up a lot easier. Plus we use those trucks for snow and ice so those trucks now are going through our preventative maintenance program," Mikolajczyk said.

If you notice a serious pothole that needs immediate attention you are encouraged to call the city so they can at least mark it off with an orange barrel over it right away so that nothing bad happens before crews have the chance to get it filled.

Residents are encouraged check storm water drains along their street and keep them free from debris so that rain water may easily flow into the collection system.

On curbed streets, leaves raked into the streets should maintain a one-foot pathway next to the curb to allow for water to reach the storm drains.

To reach the city directly so that to discuss  an exact trouble spot you're seeing, call 419-936-2020 or download the Engage Toledo app for free.

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