Ohio Lawmakers want to ban overtime for nurses

Ohio Lawmakers want to ban overtime for nurses

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some Ohio lawmakers want to ban hospitals from forcing nurses to work overtime. Two local hospitals who employ hundreds of nurses, had two different reactions.

ProMedica's stance of the bill introduced by State Representative Robert Sprague of Findlay is clearly non-supportive in a statement they made to to WTOL 11.

"We deeply value our team of talented and dedicated nurses who work daily to provide the best possible care based on patient needs. ProMedica does not support this proposed legislation. We are in agreement with the Ohio Hospital Association that this bill restricts hospitals' ability to adjust to the needs of their patients."

Mercy Health and Mercy College of Nursing also sent a statement to WTOL:

"It's too soon speculate on the impact that the proposed nurse overtime legislation would have on Mercy Health's healthcare operations. Mercy Health already practices safe scheduling to ensure patient and employee well-being."

This legislation could impact more the 200,000 nurses in Ohio.

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