Ohio 4-year-old remains unclaimed

Ohio 4-year-old remains unclaimed

Cleveland police said a four-year-old's remains were found a few months ago behind a home and no one has stepped forward to claim the child.

There are a lot of questions about how the boy died, why he died and who he is.

Police said his remains were found inside a black trash bag and tossed behind a vacant home.

Detectives said they are desperate for answers.

"It's hard to explain the sudden absence of a child like that. I mean, all of a sudden, a kid was just gone," Detective Tim Entenok of the Cleveland Police Department described. "I've been homicide almost 17 years and this is the first case that I've had with a child skeletal remains. I've had a couple adults that we couldn't identify but never a child."

Police said the medical examiner has been doing DNA testing to find a possible parent or siblings but so far nothing has led to the child's identity.

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