Money Talks News: The most valuable things you can get for free

Money Talks News - Getting stuff is fun, too bad paying for it isn't. However there are valuable things people can get without paying a dime.

For example, free preventative health care. Anyone with insurance, has this free benefit thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Then there's free drugs. Some supermarkets offer select free prescriptions. Next time you're picking up milk, ask the pharmacist. Your healthcare provider may also know what's free and where to find it.

The city may provide free places to work out. But of course, exercising is always free when you  put on your sneakers and start walking. Also YouTube or any of the local libraries offer workout videos.

How about the most beautiful views in the world for free? National parks have free admission days and they'll have them listed on their website.

How about a little free knowledge? Stores like Apple to Home Depot offer free workshops.

There are also free university courses from top universities. Sites such as Coursera and Saylor is where you can find them.

Free ebooks are all over the place from Amazon to any local library. .

There are free plane tickets, hotel rooms and all manner of other things, including cash, are available to those using rewards credit cards.

Services like Skype make long distance video calls free.

Something else  that is high tech, cool and free is online storage for files. Every document you've ever touched can be stored for free at places like Dropbox and Windows OneDrive.

So while life isn't getting cheaper, it is nice to know there's some really valuable stuff that you can get just for the asking. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There  more ideas and free link at the Money Talks News website.  Just do a search for "Free."

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