Fostoria JHS students to attend St. Wendelin during repairs, HS still without school

Fostoria JHS students to attend St. Wendelin during repairs, HS still without school
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - The fire at the Fostoria Junior-Senior High School building was confined to the boiler room. However, the smoke got into the ventilation system and spread throughout the building.

Therefore, classes have been canceled as the cleanup process moves forward.

Crews removed every ceiling tile Thursday and will be working around the clock on Saturday.

"We've cleaned out student lockers," Superintendent Andrew Sprang of Fostoria City School said Thursday. "Boxes are established for all of the kids to be able to come out starting today to pick up their materials and take those home."

The building cannot be cleared for occupancy until the cleaning procedure is complete and a third party air quality test comes up clear.

Superintendent Sprang says worst case scenario is that it could be weeks until they are able to get back in the building.

The focus now is on finding a temporary classroom space for their students.

"Six to eight weeks is the worst case scenario and they are hoping to do it sooner," said Sprang.

Currently, the seventh and eighth grade classes are planned on being held at the former St. Wendelin School building while the district still looks for a solution for ninth through 12th grade classes.

Sprang says they would like to resume classes by January 16.

The school district administration has had to move into the construction trailer on the school property that is in place for the new school building project.

"It definitely helped," Sprang said. "I'm sure we would have found a landing space, but it was nice to have this here because we could jump into it pretty quickly and get set up within a couple hours and get some semblance of operations going on for us out here."

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