Toledo mayor rides the bus

Toledo mayor rides the bus

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a  full day of work on the 22nd floor on Monday, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewiczz wasn't quite yet done with his day.

Kapszukiewicz has pledged to take a Tarta bus to and from work once a week during his term.

Neighbors are still getting to know the new face of Toledo, but he is able to make connection during his trip.

Kapszukiewicz pays to get on the bus, just like everyone else, and he hopes this makes you think twice about taking a different route home.

"For some people there is a stigma attached to public transportation in our community in a way that doesn't exist in our cities," said Kapszukiewicz.

The mayor said he knows Tarta is struggling, but, thinks it has to be figured out. In order to win the future, he believes successful public transportation is a must.

An example he gave was the bidding process for Amazon HQ2 included a heavy importance on public transportation.

"We have to look at this as not just an environmental issue, because it is, not just a personal health issue, though it is, but from a job creation and economic development stand point," said Kapszukiewicz. "Millennials aren't as attached to cars as older generations and we have to make it easier to get around, whether that's biking, or riding the bus."

That is another part of the ride is the conversations he plans on having.

"My name is Wade, Kapszukiewicz. John? I'm the new mayor of Toledo. I am a lot uglier in person so people are always surprised," said the Mayor introducing himself to a rider.

Not everyone may recognize him yet, but he hopes these weekly trips will help him take the pulse of the community.

One rider says his least favorite part of Toledo is potholes.

"I get that," responded  Kapszukiewic.

Along with riding the bus once a week, he is also driving his personal car instead of the one given to him by the city.

That car will be given to the building inspection department.

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