Wood County man behind bars after panty raid

Wood County man behind bars after panty raid

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A Wood County man is behind bars after he broke into multiple women's homes and stole their undergarments.

Wood County police said Bradley Feasel, 34, is facing 12 felonies.

The case originally started small, but after searching the suspects house, police said they found more evidence linking more women to his crimes.

"Victims that I talked to in that situation, it's just an invasion of privacy," Wood County prosecutor Paul Dobson said. "That's hard to deal with."

Police said Feasel broke into apartments and homes, some around Bowling Green State University, with mainly one purpose: To raid women's underwear. He stole panties, bras and sometimes dresses.

Feasel was first charged with the crime in November, but after a search warrant was served at his home, police found hundreds of bras and underwear.

Police believe Feasel was an opportunist who checked out the houses he intended to break into for loose doors or windows.

"There is no reason to believe that these break in's would have not continued," Dobson said. "Anytime someone is going to cross the threshold of a person's residence, of a person's home, by breaking-in or through stealth, that always needs to be taken seriously."

Feasel now faces 11 counts of burglary, as well as a charge of breaking and entering. Court documents also state that Feasel had nude images of local women in his possession that he used for sexual gratification.

Feasel is being held at the Wood County Justice Center where he will remain pending this case's conclusion.

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