Toledo Fire Department warns residents to not trust ice thickness

Toledo Fire Department warns residents to not trust ice thickness

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For the last few weeks, the brutally cold arctic air has frozen Lake Erie and other waterways. And because of this arctic blast, the Toledo Fire Department wants to remind the public of their tips on ice safety.

The general consensus among anyone who deals with ice safety or water rescues is, no matter the temperature, no ice is to be considered safe ice.

With temperatures finally creeping above freezing for the first time in weeks, Toledo Fire wants people to be cautious when on the ice.

They recommend no one ever go on the ice, even for ice fishing, but they know many people still will so they recommend always going with someone else, and never to go out alone.

Also, people should be  cautious of any ice covered in snow, as you can't visually check it's stability.

In the event that someone does fall through ice, TFD advises that you do not attempt to rescue, but instead call 9-1-1 immediately.

Greg Yingling with TFD said most amateur rescue attempts end with having two people in need of saving.

But the most important thing TFD wants people to know is that ice on a pond is much different from ice that has formed on streams or rivers.

"The ice has water with current underneath, and that can weaken the ice. Plus, if you fall through on a river or stream, if you fall through the current can actually take you underneath the ice," explained Yingling. "So, we implore you, don't go on the Maumee River, don't go on the Ottawa River. I you do go out on a pond, be prepared and have somebody with you in case something happens."

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