Dog found in freezing cold recovering at Toledo Area Humane Society

Dog found in freezing cold recovering at Toledo Area Humane Society

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a comeback story sure you bring you some warm happy thoughts.

Majesty is on his way to a brighter future after humane society officers rescued her from a tragic situation where another dog was found frozen dead on the porch.

Happy-go-lucky that's how Toledo Area Humane Society officers describe Majesty an American Bulldog.

He was found when a neighbor reported a dead dog frozen on a porch at a home on King Street in central Toledo. Megan Brown saw Majesty inside the home alone and shivering.

"I mean my immediate thought was I have to get him out of there because obviously this isn't a good situation," Brown, a humane agent who investigates cruelty cases, said. "It's heartbreaking and frustrating."

Now Majesty is being spoiled rotten at the Toledo Area Humane Society. He gets a special sweater to stay warm and lots of love.

The humane society is planning to charge the owner after their investigation is complete.

Those charges are expected to be filed sometime next week. People across the county and right here have been heartbroken by Majesty's story.

"Like how can someone bring themselves to that," questioned Cathy Warren, a customer at the humane society. "How is that even possible? It's another life. I don't get it at all, it's cruel."

The humane society's cruelty division has had a dramatic increase in calls because of Majesty and the frozen dogs case.

"I think this case has drawn a lot of awareness to the fact that pets can't withstand this kind of cold," said Megan Brown. "We usually average anywhere from like 20-30 calls a day and we're right now averaging closer to like 60-70 calls a day."

Officers say while most of those reports are not serious cases they appreciate the concern and are able to educate pet owners. The cruelty division has two officers and they are doing their best to keep up with the concerns, but ask for patience and vigilance.

Animal lovers at the humane society say they won't hesitate to report a case if they see one.

"Yes," said Kylee Castor, when asked if she would report animal cruelty. "I would no matter what whether they were left outside for a little bit or they were outside the entire time."

Majesty is still on hold because of the pending case, but is expected to be up for adoption if all goes as planned.

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