Despite feel good act of kindness, city says they will not pickup trees

Despite feel good act of kindness, city says they will not pickup trees

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Kelly Jordan needed help. She had a seven-foot Christmas tree and had only a hatchback vehicle to get rid of it.

"The idea was to post on a social media site hoping that I could pay someone to haul away my Christmas tree for me," Jordan explained.

Jordan posted on Facebook marketplace, a way you can sell things on social media. She was offering $20 for someone to take her tree to a city park.

John Willard regularly browses the site, came across Jordan's post and knew he wanted to respond.

"I private messaged her and I said, you know, I work for the City of Toledo forestry. I don't see that you should have to pay anybody," Willard said. "I said I will be willing to come pick it up, let me clear it with my supervisor first."

Willard got up before work and drove to Jordan's house.

He went inside, took the tree off the stand and hauled it out. It was an act of kindness Jordan says lifted a huge weight off her shoulders.

"We have employees in the city of Toledo that are amazingly kind people and are willing to go out of their way to help someone that they don't even know," Jordan said. "I am still kind of shocked not only by the deed that he did, but the response that I got."

While Willard's act was kind, city leaders want it to be clear that it was a one-time thing. They are asking residents to d rop their trees off at the chosen city parks.

"There are parks throughout the city where people can take their trees for free, d rop them off, make sure all of the decorations are off, tree stands," Willard said. "We ask them not even to be in bags, just the bare tree."

You can drop off you trees at the following locations:

  • Jermain Park
  • Detwiler Park
  • Bowman Park
  • Schneider Park
  • Ravine Two Park

After the trees are brought to a park, the Department of Forestry picks them up, takes them back and then recycles them into mulch.

"We don't want anybody to put them out to the trash because they don't get properly recycled then," Willard explained.

The collection lasts until January 31.

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