TPD, ODOT working to protect drivers on Indiana Street Overpass

TPD, ODOT working to protect drivers on Indiana Street Overpass

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three events in less than six months have overshadowed the current Indiana Street Overpass construction site in downtown Toledo.

In September, a mother was cut up after being hit with rocks from the Washington Street exit.

In November, Christopher Ryan was killed when he drove his car the wrong way on a one way street into the construction zone.

Finally, Marquis Byrd died after police say four teens dropped a sandbag from the overpass, hitting him in his car on I-75 below.

The project still has more than a year before its completion, but TPD is working with ODOT to protect drivers in this hazardous area.

Police positioned their portable Sky Cop Cam at the edge of the project Thursday, giving them a bird's eye view of the area around the clock.

Meanwhile, ODOT put up special fencing to prevent objects from being thrown on cars below. It is the one of the first sites in the state to have this fencing.

"We are trying to take some additional measures that have never been done in the state of Ohio to make sure this doesn't happen in this location and in future locations," Patrick McColley of ODOT said. "And if they had vandal fencing up originally, we will be putting up vandal fencing during construction."

ODOT recognizes fencing will not prevent someone from throwing objects off an overpass. However, they just hope the measure will act as a deterrent and keep those traveling below a little more safe..

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