Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital working to fix heater

Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital working to fix heater

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital in Toledo is fighting problems with their heater.

A caller to WTOL claimed the hospital, located on South Detroit Avenue, is using space heaters to keep patients and staff warm with one patient's room being only 48 degrees.

The caller says patients not wanting to sleep in their rooms were walking around in coats and hats indoors. The call also claimed some of the patients were sick.

WTOL reached out to the hospital and received the following statement:

Statement from media relations regarding NW Ohio Psychiatric Hospital heat issues:

Not sure when you reached out. I was out of the office Thursday, but wanted to get back to you with the latest update concerning Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH) in Toledo.

As you are aware, our staff is continuing to address an issue impacting the hospital’s heating system, which was exacerbated by the extreme cold weather gripping Ohio. The health and safety of patients and staff at our hospitals is our number one priority, and we do not consider the current temperatures to be a significant health or safety concern. Since the problem came to light last week, we have taken steps to mitigate fluctuations in temperatures through the addition of auxiliary heating and ongoing maintenance work. We have also provided hats, gloves and extra blankets for the comfort of our patients.

Maintenance workers have been on site, and are working to resolve the issue.

Temperatures in most areas of the hospitals are holding steady in the ideal range of 68-72. As of 10 a.m. today, the average temperature in patient rooms ranged between 66-70. Overnight, temperatures in patient rooms ranged from 67-71. At no point have we recorded a measurement of 48 degrees.

Treatment and other hospital activities have continued as normal. We remain in constant contact with hospital leadership and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Eric R. Wandersleben, Director of Media Relations & Outreach

Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services

30 E. Broad St., 36th Fl.

Columbus, OH  43215

Since releasing the statement, the hospital says the temperatures around the most building are now between the 68-72 ideal range. However, they are still working on the problem.

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