Working through the frigid temperatures

Working through the frigid temperatures

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the single digit temperatures that northwest Ohio has been dealing suffering through, the cold can take your breath away. But there are so many people who spend most of their work day in these elements outside.

Students may get a two-hour delay or even a school closing because of the cold temps, but several others must layer up and head to work. No excuses.

"It's not pleasant," said Alec Hillyer, who works outside at Third Base Drive-Thru Party Store. "It's a lot more fun in the summer obviously because it's outside and once it goes below freezing it's rough."

Alec has been working at Third Base Drive-Thru Party Store for several years.

Their customers can pull in tell the employees what they want, they will grab it and the driver never has to get out of the car. He says their boss is helpful through the cold and bought the employees special cold weather bibs, but this is the coldest winter he's worked through.

"If you don't work in the morning you really think about it all day long and you can't get it out of your head that you've got to work outside all day," Hillyer explained.

Others not only are outside, but also dealing with less than ideal situations, including Bill Alford and his crew from the city's water division.

The team of five were trying to fix a broken water main line at the corner of Detroit and the Anthony Wayne Trail.

"You get it done as quick as you can," Alford said.

At Toledo Express Airport, Todd Smolinski works as a Line Service Technician, alongside throngs of ramp agents, aircraft fuelers, air traffic controllers among others. It is a job he's held for 30 years.

In three decades of experience, he says the cold is not what bothers him.

"I don't mind the cold at all," Smolinski said. "It's the snow I don't like."

The cold not only creates instant ice in the middle of their work space, but also causes issues for some of their equipment. They deal with it the cold the best they know how.

"Well you try to stay warm," explained Alford. "Dress in layers and if you get a five second break you jump in the truck and warm up."

Kayleigh Cook, an attendant at Soap City Car Wash, agrees what you wear matters.

"You just layer up. You wear lots of jackets and sweatshirts," Cook said. "We have hand warmers and we also rotate positions so sometimes we'll be drying and then come inside."

There some people who enjoy working outside, and the cold weather can actually benefit their work. Chris Winter and Joseph Rudnicki work as groundskeepers at a cemetery. They are one of those that look forward to snow each year.

"The snow can actually help to keep the frost out of the ground so we're able to dig a lot easier," Rudnicki said.

No matter if your grabbing cold drinks out of the freezer, or are repairing broken pipes both say people can be more considerate when it's cold.

These workers say this weather keeps them busy as their services are needed more, but they do have different opinions on what it's like working through it…

"I enjoy being outside," said Alford.

"Sometimes you feel the heat come off the window [of the car in the drive-thru]  and you immediately want to jump in the car," Hillyer said.

"You have to take the good with the bad," Rudnkick explained. "You're going to have your really hot days and your really cold days. We manage to stay safe, stay dry in the extreme cold like today. We take 10 minutes outside, 10 minutes inside. In the heat, same thing."

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