Columbia Gas: Don't be alarmed at high gas bills

Columbia Gas: Don't be alarmed at high gas bills

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As temperatures continue to drop, gas bills continue to rise. However, Columbia Gas says this should not alarm customers.

While seeing gas bills near $100 is scary for many customers living on a tight budget, Columbia Gas says paying part of your bill is better than not paying at all.

The company has several payment plans and even an option to be on a fixed rate each month to easy the pain on their customers.

Cheri Pastula, a spokesperson for Columbia Gas, says bills in the Toledo-area rose an average of $20 a month, despite the price of gas being down 28 percent. The reason is the usage rate, which skyrocketed 24 percent, due to the freezing temperatures.

"We work on the federal poverty guidelines. So there's a wide variety," Pastula said. "We partner with local community agencies. There's one time fees, there's reduced payment plans, There's also a fund where, if you exhausted all other options, you can look for a one time payment as well."

Columbia Gas says if you have any concerns about your gas bill, call them at 1-800-344-4077.

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